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with AI

Ezy AI Ads (powered by Plai) customers have seen ​90% cheaper ad costs and 105%+ ​higher Click-Through Rates than ​industry benchmarks by focusing ​on your relevance and ad quality.

Grow your brand on a budget.

No marketing experience required or technical mumbo-jumbo

Get started in 1 minute or less.

Better and affordable digital marketing is just a few taps away

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Why do businesses ​

use EzyMarketer's

AI ​Ads Creator?

EzyMarketer's AI Ads ​Creator

doesn't justsimplify marketing;

it enhances it. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, we consistently update our platform

with the latest best practices,

ensuring you stay ahead

without the need to spend

hours learning new tactics.

What does ​

EzyMarketer's AI Ads

​Creator actually do?

EzyMarketer's AI Ads Creator ​streamlines your marketing ​

campaign planning, extracts

​valuable insights from your

​analytics, and facilitates ​targeted

ad implementation ​effortlessly.

Complex tasks ​such as bidding, remarketing, ​match types, A/B

testing, and ​more are seamlessly ​managed for you, requiring no

​manual intervention.

How does ​

EzyMarketer's AI Ads ​Creator really work?

With a blend of AI and ​human

expertise, we've ​revolutionized marketing ​ownership, making it

more ​accessible than ever before.

​No prior marketing ​experience necessary.

Our platform is fast, easy to ​set up

with just a few taps, ​and accessible

on-the-go, ​empowering you to take ​charge of your marketing ​and

brand effortlessly.




Customers have seen 90% cheaper ad ​costs and 105%+ higher Click-Through ​Rates than industry benchmarks by ​focusing on your relevance and ad quality.

Watch the video to see it in action!

Want To See It Do It's Magic?

Watch the videos below to see how easy it is set

​start running ads like a pro!

Step 1:

Connect Your Accounts

Create your ad accounts for each platform. ​Then, simply connect inside your ​dashboard to import the data and create ​your ads using our simple A.I. software.

Your ad spend is taken directly from your ad ​account.

We never charge you for running ads!

Step 2:

Create Your Ads

Paste in the link of your website and our A.I. ​tool scan it

for the best relevant titles and ​ad copy.

A.I. will even suggest videos and images ​based

on the ad copy to get your ads up ​and running in


What Platforms Are Included?

You can advertise on almost any platform available!

​Check the options below!

Let A.I. Reduce Your Ad Spend While Increasing Your Click Through Rate